Coaching Testimonials

I love coaching.  And I love that my clients seem to love me coaching them too.  Here’s what some of them are saying:

I have received 3 sessions of coaching with Emily and it was amazing.  First she gave me trust by telling me all the rules. Second, she asked few questions which helped me to realise where I was.  Third, she never gave me any advise but invited me to find my own direction.  After one month, almost all my goasl were reached because I have built the feeling that everything was accomplished. I did a planning for 2015, starting to run every day, changed my diet and I was more relaxed.  Thank you Emily, you are a great coach and you helped me to make easily decisions about my health and my job. [Orianne Corman]

Emily’s approach is sympathetic and professional. She really listened to me and my concerns and asked the right questions to get me to think about what it was I wanted. Via the sessions I had with her, I gradually uncovered the  things that might be holding me back and I was able to start a plan to address these. Emily has obviously had some very good training to get where she is a coach, she is very approachable and I felt she really knew her stuff to help me develop my business. I would highly recommend her.  [Lynsey Metcalfe]

My experience with Emily was excellent! I learned that I can divide my entire life into segments and tacke one by one with no pressure, and with maximum results. I will use this knowledge to improve my life and work in the way that is not going to stress me out anymore. Emily has a lovely and caring manner to her that made me feel safe and understood, and her way of finding solutions is fast and efficient. Thank you Emily!  [Anna Logan Riversby,]

Feeling totally overwhelmed after accepting a new role, which was to be a huge career leap, I started coaching with Emily. Emily worked with me to overcome my confidence issues & helped me to recognise & develop my strengths. Emily challenged me to think differently, guided me through managing difficult situations and pushed me outside my comfort zone to help me overcome my fears! I always felt comfortable discussing my thoughts, feelings and issues, and always felt listened to and valued. Emily’s coaching & advice was invaluable to my entry plan and gave me the confidence to hit the ground running from day 1. For me coaching was a tremendous success & taught me to value myself, to see my strengths, to grow in confidence and prepared me to cope with the unexpected challenges and difficult situations as they arise. Whether you’re looking to get more out of your current role, take a career leap, or looking for general support and guidance, I would highly recommend Emily as a coach or mentor.  [Sarah Pepworth, Head of Marketing]

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