Confidence Testimonials

It’s so rewarding to have positive impact on somebody’s life, in just one day, or just one session.  This is what some delegates said after the Confidence Workshop I designed especially for a small team at Plusnet:

“Before I felt that I could have and should be more confident.  Now I feel I have tools to help with my confidence and am more self-aware.” [Jane Palmer, Plusnet]

“Before I arrived for the workshop I felt subdued & had issues with self-belief.  Now I feel able to apply new techniques to help me deal with scenarios where I lacked confidence” [Scott Atkinson, Plusnet]

“The thing that made the biggest difference was exploring the limiting beliefs & mindfulness techniques of countering the inner voice” [Paul Goodison, Plusnet]

“I now feel I have achieved some amazing things throughout my life and can draw up these resources to help me in the future.  I will wear my ‘power ring’ next time I need an injection of confidence.  I now feel 10 out of 10 in confidence.” [Louise Matthewman, Plusnet]

“I now feel better equipped to take on the world!” [Sarah Pepworth, Plusnet]