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I worked with Emily with the objective of improving my management skills, having been promoted to a leadership position with minimal training in this area. Emily helped me remove obstacles by encouraging me to question my preconceptions and beliefs. By working through real work challenges, she allowed me to better understand the dynamics of my work place and liberate my decision making process. Using innovative methods I discovered during our sessions (e.g. NLP), I have been better able to face problems – finding long-term and creative solutions – and capitalising on my strengths, thus creating new opportunities for myself and my company. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Emily. Also worth mentioning she’s got a great sense of humour!
[Mathieu Ghariani, CPO – Head of Product Delivery at Netgem]

Are you a newly promoted leader suffering from imposter syndrome and with a less-than helpful inner critical voice? Would you value support in how to exude confidence and become the leader your people want to follow?

Or, perhaps, you’re waiting, hoping, for that promotion and need support in how to demonstrate your strengths in your role?

Coaching provides a structured, yet fluid & personal, framework for identifying, planning and achieving your goals.

I believe in person-centred coaching – we don’t leave our personal self at the door when we step into the office and it is sometimes our personal self which can do with the coaching to help support the work-self.  My coaching practice therefore takes a holistic view of coaching: encompassing life, personal and work-based scenarios.

I also believe that coaching should be transformative and not transactional – long-term & lasting, rather than a sticking plaster.

I am an ICF certified coach and NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner.  



I also coach women through my other coaching enterprises: UnShamed and ReConnected Life.

UnShamed is for those women who feel a little bit less than, a little bit not whole, a little bit hidden. UnShamed is for all women whose souls are screaming to be heard, to be given free rein, to live. UnShamed is all about how can we ever step into our innate feminine power if we have been taught to be ashamed of everything that makes us women. UnShamed is about empowerment and the development of the kind of leaders this world dearly needs, those who lead their workplaces, communities, families, with a feminine softness that prioritises fruitfulness above productivity, compassion above envy, and hope above fear.


ReConnected Life is for women who have experienced sexual violence of any kind, who no longer want to be held back by what was done to them, and no longer lead a half-life, living one day at a time, instead living a full and whole life again.




Curious Decisions