Horizon Women

Horizon Women was a short-lived project brought to you by Emily Jacob, Virginie Faucon and Katarina Nielson in January 2016. It’s intent was to be a regular networking event for women to empower & inspire them to achieve their professional ambitions. Due to life getting in the way, it ended up being a one-off event.

Curious Decisions sponsored the event, and kept the website running. However, whilst the Horizon Women website now needs to be moth-balled into the past, the evening should not be lost from the internet.

What turned out to be the only event took place on Monday 11th January 2016, at ClubWorkspace, Clerkenwell London, with over 40 women to a packed house. We heard from Dr. Christine Bailey,Marketing Director EMEAR at Cisco, Ann Pickering, Telefonica UK HR Director, and Sherilyn Shackell, founder of the Marketing Academy who shared their stories, and gave insight and top tips that could be put in place straight away.

The videos are on YouTube, and you can access them here:

  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. Dr Christine Bailey, Marketing Director, Cisco Systems, EMEAR
  3. On Mingling
  4. Ann Pickering, HR Director, Telefonica UK (O2)and Q&A
  5. Sherilyn Shackell, Founder & CEO, The Marketing Academy (partial; the batteries ran out of the camera.  Apologies that this misses the end of a speech in which every syllable and breath was golden).


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