Diversity Marketing

Helping brands unlock the power of diversity.

Understanding the diversity of consumers is critical to delivering world-class marketing. At Curious Decisions we are experts in bringing diversity thinking into the marketing department, and in doing so, unleashing opportunities across the marketing mix. Our particular specialism is LGBT+ marketing.

We are marketers, and we work with marketers. Our offer is training & consultancy; we deliver bespoke workshops on embedding diversity thinking into marketing departments and processes and we provide consulting on how brands can access opportunities in diversity.  We help you reach your own conclusions, as much as we do give you recommendations.

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The best way to start your brand off on a new diversity journey is with our Diversity Marketing Workshop. It is designed to ignite diversity thinking in marketing departments, in particular around LGBT+ consumers. It’s a stretching, energetic day, where attendees come away thinking about their brands and their customers in a new way.  It has the power to transform all your marketing, putting the insatiable curiosity of the customer at the very heart of your decisions.

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